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Martial Arts and the Professional. Karate. What is Karate? Karate is not only a form of self-defense, but also a form of self-preservation. It preserves the bogged down mind of a stressed person. It relieves stress and stimulates the mind and body. The next question one might ask, is what type of karate? What sets it apart from other styles? The advantages of Isshinryu over other styles are speed, versatility, and sensibility. Another positive would be that Isshinryu is realistic its based on Master Shimabukus principle that man and woman are two. Their interactions, the third element makes the offspring. This creative process compelled Master Shimabuku to create Isshinryu from the interaction of opposite styles he had mastered Shorin ryu and Goju ryu.

Detroit Martial Arts is a relatively new institution. We are located at 13030 W. 7 Mile Rd at Outer Drive , Detroit, MI 48235. We have a total of 7500 sq ft state of the art facility. We have locker rooms, showers and retail; it is the prefect facility for just about everyone. Detroit Martial Arts Institute is also equipped with talented well-versed Instructors.

Head Instructor Eugene Woods is an 8th Degree black belt; he has been in martial arts for over 36 years. He was inducted into the Karate Hall of Fame I 2003 and he continues to lead and demonstrate a sense of poise and self-discipline that is emulated up by his students.

Senior Instructor George Reynolds is a 7th Degree Black Belt and has been practicing for over 39 years. He has competed and won trophies in the United States, Europe and Africa. He also was inducted into the Karate Hall of fame. Master Reynolds has received over 500 trophies and awards in an effort to spread Isshinryu Karate. He also holds a BS in Electrical Engineering, a Masters in Business and the owner of three insurance company locations- Reymac Insurance Group Agency, LLC.

Although opening the doors of Detroit Martial Arts Institute was an accomplishment it didnt satisfy Master Woods and Master Reynolds. They decided to open a DMAI Life Skills center. Its goal is to provide for the area youth creativity, growth and discipline in the community. The Life Skills center now accommodates an after-school program and a summer camp . Both involving martial arts to equip children with strong foundations physically, mentally and socially.

Professionals like Harold Gibbs and Roy Fowler work at Daimler Chrysler all day in addition to managing their own companies. They find karate to be a valuable stress reliever. Karate also keeps the body limber and agile. Karate is not just for the young , but the young at heart. Even Tiffany Johnson, mother of two has found positive recreation for herself and her children. Participating in tournaments and attending weekly classes has become a means of channeling energy for all ages and stages of life.

Detroit Martial Arts Institute is located at 13030 W. 7 mile Rd in Detroit. For more information, call (313) 416-7000.


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